How To: Protect your WhatsApp account with 2-Step Verification

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Generally, to setup WhatsApp account on a device you have just enter the Mobile number followed by a One-time Password.
This Mechanism poses a serious threat to your account. Because, if someone manages to steal OTP’s from your phone by installing a Malicious app, or using an SS7 Vulnerability or just by manually looking up the code from your Phone.
In order to overcome this problem, we can use Two Step verification.
On enabling 2 Step verification, whenever you (or some hacker) setting up WhatsApp account, you have to enter:
  1. Mobile Number
  2. One-time Password
  3. 6-Digit Passcode (that you set while turning ON 2 step verification).
which, obviously makes is hard for someone hack your account.
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How to Start and Use Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

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The Internet is getting more insecure from day-to-day. So there is a chance of hacker or Government agencies watching all your personal chats on Facebook, which you surely don't like.
So, in order to avoid this, you should use secret conversation for your confidential more personal chats.

Secret conversation encrypts you messages using End to End Encryption method. So no one in middle can understand or read these messages even if your facebook account is Hacked or Compromised.
Secret Chat End to end encrypted - Facebook messenger
In this post you will learn how to chat secretly and securely using on Facebook messenger using Secret conversation, an End-to-End Encrypted chat and some of its safety features
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Celebrating 2nd Blog Anniversary - Thanks for your support

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Digicular 2nd birthday
Its the same day of 20 November 2 years ago, when we had launched this blog with a welcome post. And now we are celebrating our 2nd Blog Anniversary.
We launched Digicular with a vision to share knowledge on Latest technology and Educate you about internet security with the help of easy to follow Tutorials and useful Tips.

And we had delivered some comprehensive and useful guides. But we honestly admit that we weren't consistent in posting content regularly.
But, now we strongly decided to focus more on posting content regularly and its our promise.

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We heartily appreciate you for supporting us all these days and hope you will support us in coming days too. Please post your opinions about us in comment section below

- Susheel Karam
Founder & Editor
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How-To: Manage your TP-Link Router from your Smartphone

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Control your TPlink router with Tether app - Digicular
It was quite annoying for me to reach my computer and type that “” into browser and login to view the Devices connected to my WiFi network (or) Simply Reboot my router.

And also the Interface is not at all User-friendly. For an instance, if you want to view the list of devices connected to your Tp-link router, you have to deal with these list of MAC addresses. The interface is not responsive and is almost impossible to use on a Smartphone browser.

But I found TP-Link Tether App, the best and convenient way to control and manage your TP-Link router from your smartphone.

What TP-Link Tether App can do?

This TP-link router management app can do most of the things you would need to manage your TP-Link Router from your palm.
  • View and Block Clients/Devices connected to your router
  • Reboot and Reset your router
  • Parental controls – Block websites for a certain device
  • Configure your internet connection, View SSID & password

Setup your router with TP-Link Tether

Before you setup, please check if your router is in list of compatible devices and make sure your router firmware is up to date, your device must have Android 4.0/iOS 7.0 and above

TP-link tether supported routers

  • Archer C9, Archer C8, Archer C7, Archer C5, Archer C2, Archer C20, Archer C20i,Archer D9, Archer D7, Archer D2, Archer D20
  • TL-WDR4300, TL-WDR3600, TL-WDR3500, TL-WR1043ND V3.0, TL-WR841N, TL-WR841ND, TL-WR740N V5, TL-WR741ND V5 and more to be added
Once your router is compatible and firmware is up-to-date, continue with the setup.
  1. Download the TP-Link Tether app for Android or iOS
  2. Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi network of TP-Link router which you want to setup.
  3. Open the TP link tether app, it scans and displays your router. Tap on the router displayed and enter Admin Username and Password of your router.
    (Note: This is not the Wi-Fi password, its the Router management password. If you haven’t set one, the default username & password is “admin”).
    Setup login to router Tplink tether app - Digicular
Once you login, you don't have to enter your router credentials. Just connect to the same WiFi, open the app and Tap on your Router.
As you have setup your router with the app, let us see how to get things done.

View and Block/Unblock connected devices

Once you select your router, the first thing you see is the List of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. The List consists of icons based on Device type and Device name.This way you can easily view who is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
View connected devices tplink tether app
If you find someone is connected without your permission, you can simple block them. Just tap on any device and then tap on “Block”.  This will block them from accessing your internet connection.
Block clients tplink tether app
Additionally, you can also change the Device name and type (Android, PC etc.) in this screen.
To Unblock any blocked device, tap on Settings icon, then Blocked Clients, tap on the device you want to unblock and tap on “Unblock”.
Unblock blocked devices Tp link app

Setup your internet connection

Well, if you have got a new internet connection or had just reset your router, you have to re-configure your router with your ISP’s IP address, Gateway, and DNS servers.
Configure internet settings in TP link tether
You don’t have to PC to configure your internet connection, Just go to settings and then Internet Connection,  enter connection details and tap on “Save”

Block Access to Harmful websites with Parental Controls

If you want your kid to access only certain websites, you can do so with parental controls. Its the most convenient way to stop your kid from accessing websites with inappropriate content.
Parental control - Block adult and harmful websites
This how you can use Parental controls:
  1. Just Go to settings > Parental controls  and turn on parental controls.
  2. Tap on “+” present on the right side to Child list and select your kid’s device (it should be connected to wifi).
  3. Set the schedule, the days and time, that is when you want the Parental controls to be ON. And enter websites that you want to allow under “Allowed websites”. You can add as many as you want buy clicking on “+” icon, all others would be blocked.

View your Wifi details, Reboot/Reset your router

You can also do other simple things. Just go to settings and Wireless, and here you can see your Network name, Password and you can also disable the Wireless radio.

Goto System in settings and you can quickly Reboot your router and also Restore the settings to Factory defaults.
The Benefit of having a Wireless router is you can actually Copy-Paste text between your computer and Smartphone wirelessly
If you have a TP-Link router, I would strongly recommend using TP-link Tether app, you can easily manage your network with that.

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How-To: Make Video calls on WhatsApp Right now

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How to get whatsapp video calling feature for any android device
WhatApp, the most popular instant messaging application has finally launched the Video calling feature for Beta users. After the most awaited voice call feature has released, people are waiting for the launch of the Video calling feature. As always WhatsApp delayed this feature.

While the internet is talking about the newly launched Google Duo, WhatsApp may have thought to  finally launch it to save itself.

How to get WhatsApp Video calling feature now

Still, this feature is only available to Beta version users. If you are already a beta user, you just have to update your app to the latest version.
If you are not a Beta user, you have to wait till it launches to everyone, or follow the below steps to become a Beta Tester for WhatsApp Messenger and get Whatsapp video calling feature.

Become a Beta Tester for Whatsapp

  1. Make sure you have WhatsApp (normal version) installed on your Android device.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Beta tester page and sign-in to your Google account, which you use with Play Store on your mobile. And then Click on Become a Tester. 
    Whatsapp beta testing - Get whatsapp calling feature
  3. Within few minutes you will receive an update, or you can manually open Play store app and update WhatsApp. (If you have a beta tester, you can see the  message “You are Beta tester for this app, awesome” under install button) 
You are a beta tester for this app. Awesome - whatsapp
If you see this messsage you are a Beta tester

If you didn't get the Video calling feature after following above steps, Backup your whatsapp chats (Open Whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back up) and Uninstall Whatsapp. Now open Playstore and freshly install Whatsapp.

Make a Video call from WhatsApp

To make a video call, both You and the person you are calling should have the latest compatible version.

Once you have it, just Open a contact in WhatsApp, Tap on Call icon, you will see options to make a Voice call or Video call. Now just tap on Video Call.
Just as other Video chatting apps, you can Switch your camera, Mute audio and Text during a call.
Whatsapp Voice and video call

If the person you are calling didn’t have the Video calling option, you may see the below error. Just tell him to update to Beta version using the procedure mentioned above.
Video call error whatsapp - update the app

Final Words

As I am testing this feature, the experience is not so great. The Video quality is Normal, but the Video lags quite a bit.
But considering it is first and beta release, the video call feature will get better in coming versions.
Share this article with your friends on and start video chatting with them. And subscribe for more such Tips and Guides
If you face any problems please post it in the comment section below.
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The Easiest way to Use 2-step Verification: Google Prompt

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Google prompt easy way to use google 2 step verification
Every time when I have to advice someone regarding their account, one Tip always comes out from my mouth and that is “Use Two-step Authentication”. Because your password is just not enough to protect your Google or any other online account.
“Two Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification is a feature that adds additional security to your Online account. When this feature is enabled, you have to enter your a regular Password and an additional Verification code sent to your mobile.”
And this why people feel it complex to use. Looking up a code on your phone and typing it on your computer seems way more complicated to most people, even though its worth that little effort.

But Wait!! I have a good news for you. You no more have to enter any verification codes to sign in when using 2 Step verification.

Presenting Google Prompt, an Easy way to sign to your 2-step verification enabled google account, with just a Single tap on your Phone.

How Google Prompt works?

Normally, if you have 2 Step verification enabled, when you sign in to your Google account, you have to enter a Username, Password and a Verification code sent to your registered Mobile number or Google Authenticator app.

But, with Google Prompt, you have to enter Username and Password as usual, but instead of entering a verification code, you have tap Yes in the confirmation popup that appears on your smartphone.

Signing-in Faster with Google Prompt

It is not very different from how you regularly log in to your account, but it's simpler at one step.
You just enter the Username and Password as usual, but instead of entering a verification code, you simply tap yes on your Phone. Isn’t that simple.
Signing in with Google prompt
Please remember that this feature requires your device connected to the internet. If it isn’t connected, it will automatically switch to other options i.e., Verification code

Steps to Setup Google Prompt

Before we setup Google Prompt, please make sure you have following things:
  1. Obviously, Two-step verification should be enabled on your Google Account. If you aren’t already using, here is the guide to Setup 2 Step verification.
  2. If you are using an Android Phone, Update Google Play services to the latest version.
    If you are an iPhone user, install the latest version of Google app.
  3. Setup Screen lock for your Android device or Touch ID in case of iPhone. Not Mandatory for setup, but still necessary for security.

Setup Google Prompt with Android

Assuming that you already enabled 2-step verification on your google account and updated google play services:
  1. Sign into your Google account and Goto Account Security settings > 2-Step Verification (under Password & sign-in method section). Enter Password if prompted.
  2. Now in 2-step verification page, scroll down and Click on Add Phone under Google Prompt option.
    Google 2 factor authentication settings page
  3. Then Click on Get Started. Now it will show a list of devices linked to your Google account. Choose a device from the drop down list and Click on Next. (Make sure the phone is connected to the internet)
    Add phone Google prompt
  4. Now grab your phone, Unlock it and Tap on Yes  in the confirmation dialog that appears.
    Google prompt confirmation notification android

Setup Google Prompt with iPhone/iOS

As Apple devices don't come Google apps by default, you have to install the Google app before we get started. This is also applicable for some Chinese android phones Xiaomi (MIUI china) which doesn’t come with Google bundled with it.
  1. Make sure 2-Step verification is enabled on your account.
  2. Install and open Google app on you iPhone/iPad and Sign in & setup with your Google account.
  3. Now same as mentioned above go to 2-Step Verification page on your computer, click on Add phone below Google Prompt option.
  4. Select your iPhone/iPad from the dropdown list and Click Next.
  5. Unlock you iPhone, open Google app and Tap Yes for confirmation.
You can add more devices in the same way. This would help if you frequently switch your devices. And please setup Screen lock for your mobile.

Wait! here is an advice

Do remember that Google Prompt works only when your mobile is connected to the internet. Else it will switch back to other options.
So, its better you setup Google Authenticator which works without any sorts of network.

Google prompt is truly very beneficial and I am sure most people will start using 2-step verification.
I have to say it once again, if you want to protect your google account, you should enable 2 Step Authentication.
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