The Easiest way to Use 2-step Verification: Google Prompt

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Google prompt easy way to use google 2 step verification
Every time when I have to advice someone regarding their account, one Tip always comes out from my mouth and that is “Use Two-step Authentication”. Because your password is just not enough to protect your Google or any other online account.
“Two Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification is a feature that adds additional security to your Online account. When this feature is enabled, you have to enter your a regular Password and an additional Verification code sent to your mobile.”
And this why people feel it complex to use. Looking up a code on your phone and typing it on your computer seems way more complicated to most people, even though its worth that little effort.

But Wait!! I have a good news for you. You no more have to enter any verification codes to sign in when using 2 Step verification.

Presenting Google Prompt, an Easy way to sign to your 2-step verification enabled google account, with just a Single tap on your Phone.

How Google Prompt works?

Normally, if you have 2 Step verification enabled, when you sign in to your Google account, you have to enter a Username, Password and a Verification code sent to your registered Mobile number or Google Authenticator app.

But, with Google Prompt, you have to enter Username and Password as usual, but instead of entering a verification code, you have tap Yes in the confirmation popup that appears on your smartphone.

Signing-in Faster with Google Prompt

It is not very different from how you regularly log in to your account, but it's simpler at one step.
You just enter the Username and Password as usual, but instead of entering a verification code, you simply tap yes on your Phone. Isn’t that simple.
Signing in with Google prompt
Please remember that this feature requires your device connected to the internet. If it isn’t connected, it will automatically switch to other options i.e., Verification code

Steps to Setup Google Prompt

Before we setup Google Prompt, please make sure you have following things:
  1. Obviously, Two-step verification should be enabled on your Google Account. If you aren’t already using, here is the guide to Setup 2 Step verification.
  2. If you are using an Android Phone, Update Google Play services to the latest version.
    If you are an iPhone user, install the latest version of Google app.
  3. Setup Screen lock for your Android device or Touch ID in case of iPhone. Not Mandatory for setup, but still necessary for security.

Setup Google Prompt with Android

Assuming that you already enabled 2-step verification on your google account and updated google play services:
  1. Sign into your Google account and Goto Account Security settings > 2-Step Verification (under Password & sign-in method section). Enter Password if prompted.
  2. Now in 2-step verification page, scroll down and Click on Add Phone under Google Prompt option.
    Google 2 factor authentication settings page
  3. Then Click on Get Started. Now it will show a list of devices linked to your Google account. Choose a device from the drop down list and Click on Next. (Make sure the phone is connected to the internet)
    Add phone Google prompt
  4. Now grab your phone, Unlock it and Tap on Yes  in the confirmation dialog that appears.
    Google prompt confirmation notification android

Setup Google Prompt with iPhone/iOS

As Apple devices don't come Google apps by default, you have to install the Google app before we get started. This is also applicable for some Chinese android phones Xiaomi (MIUI china) which doesn’t come with Google bundled with it.
  1. Make sure 2-Step verification is enabled on your account.
  2. Install and open Google app on you iPhone/iPad and Sign in & setup with your Google account.
  3. Now same as mentioned above go to 2-Step Verification page on your computer, click on Add phone below Google Prompt option.
  4. Select your iPhone/iPad from the dropdown list and Click Next.
  5. Unlock you iPhone, open Google app and Tap Yes for confirmation.
You can add more devices in the same way. This would help if you frequently switch your devices. And please setup Screen lock for your mobile.

Wait! here is an advice

Do remember that Google Prompt works only when your mobile is connected to the internet. Else it will switch back to other options.
So, its better you setup Google Authenticator which works without any sorts of network.

Google prompt is truly very beneficial and I am sure most people will start using 2-step verification.
I have to say it once again, if you want to protect your google account, you should enable 2 Step Authentication.
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Best way to Share Clipboard between your Computers and Android devices

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Ever wanted to copy some text from your phone and paste it on your computer. Or Copy a Phone number on your friend's phone and paste it on your phone.

That’s what we can call syncing clipboard. It used to be really irritating for me when I have to copy some information, a link address or transfer some text from Phone to computer and vice versa.

Share Clipboard or Sync Clipboard between Android and Windows/Mac/Linux computer
Either I have to Re-type it myself or send it as a message to myself on Facebook, which is still uncomfortable as I have to login to my Facebook account to access it.

And then I  found SnapCopy, an easy way to Sync or share clipboard between all your computers and Android devices. It's like creating a Universal Clipboard among all your computers and smartphones.

What can SnapCopy do?

To share clipboard between your Android devices and Computers means, you should be able to:
  • Copy text on your Computer and Paste it on a Phone/Tablet
  • Copy text on your Phone/Tablet and Paste it on your Computer
  • Copy text on One android Phone/ Tablet and Paste it on another Android device
Although I have used other Clipboard sharing apps like ClipSync, Alt-C , most of them only work in One way i.e., between your Computer and Phone and not between one phone and other.

The other advantage of SnapCopy is that it is available as a chrome extension, so can use it with Windows, Linux or Mac with Chrome browser. (But you can share text outside Chrome too). And will be soon available on iOS too.

Sync Clipboard between your Windows/ Mac/ Linux Computer and Android

To build a One Common and Universal clipboard among all your Android phones, Tablets, and PC/Mac/Linux Computers, you have to download SnapCopy chrome extension for computers and App for Android.

Steps to Setup SnapCopy

  1. Install the SnapCopy Chrome extension on all of your Computers that you want to share clipboard with. And Make sure that Chrome runs on System startup (Of course you should install Chrome browser, if you haven’t).
  2. Download and Install the SnapCopy Android app on all android Phones and Tablets that you want to share text with.
  3. Connect all your Computers and Android devices to Same Network (same Wi-Fi).
  4. Connect all devices together as follows:

Connect Snapcopy on Computer with Android

  • Open Google chrome on your computer. Click on SnapCopy extension.  Now it will display a QR code.
  • Open SnapCopy app on your android device, Tap on Add device,  then on Scan other devices barcode  and scan the QR code with your Phone.
  • Finally, tap on Enabled, on your computer which then turn to green. Similarly, add other Android devices  to computer by clicking on Add device 
Sync Clipboard Snapcopy Android Chrome

Connect Snapcopy on Android with other Android device

  • Open Snapcopy app on Device 1.
  • Open Snapcopy on Device 2, tap on Scan other devices barcode and scan the QR code displayed on on Device 1. This will connect them
  • Tap Enabled on device 1. Similarly, Connect any other  Android Phones or tablets you have.
Share Clipboard Snapcopy - Connecting two android devices
All devices that you connected in both above steps will now share a common Clipboard. You can now copy on one device and paste it any of others.

Please do remember that all devices should be connected to same Wi-Fi network and make sure SnapCopy is running on all of them.

Disable / Turnoff SnapCopy on One or More devices

If you are sharing Clipboard on more that two devices, and someone is using one of them, it may cause confusion and privacy issues. So you may disable Snapcopy on (or) for that device. Here are the steps:
  1. Open the Chrome extension or Android app on a device in which you want to disable snapcopy.
  2. Now click on Green Enabled button next to device name, which will then turn to gray. And now this device will be completely disconnected from the others.Share Clipboard Android Windows PC/Mac/ linux computer
It works like magic. You can just copy from one of the devices and paste it on any other devices connected, thus boosting your productivity at work.
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Easy way to Send and Receive Secure, End to End Encrypted Emails

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Since NSA document leaks, everyone got concerned about their online privacy and security. And the term “Encryption” was commonly heard.
And then people getting to discover End to End Encryption and demanding it in all sort of communications because it offers more privacy than normal encryption.
End to end encrypted email service - ProtonMail
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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Xiaomi Smartphone

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A couple of years ago, in 2014, Xiaomi launched its first device (MI3) in India. And when a friend of mine bought this then newly launched smartphone, I laughed at him for the reason it's a Chinese Smartphone.
Benefits Advantages Xiaomi smartphones
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Use your Smartphone as a Mouse, Keyboard and Remote control for Computer

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Control your pc computer with your Android, iPhone or windows phone
Like every other day, I was feeling lazy to reach my mouse to skip a Music track that I don't like. I even felt lazy to type on my keyboard. I was in search of solution to ease my laziness.

As they all say, “Lazy people are good at finding shortcuts”, I found Unified remote (Tweet This), a Mouse, Keyboard and Universal remote control to control everything on your computer with your fingers on your smartphone.

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Rethink: A Brilliant solution to Stop Cyber-bullying

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Stop cyberbullying Rethink before you post

A few days ago I have been browsing through YouTube to find some inspiration and that would be obviously, a TED talk. I was scrolling down through numerous talks on various topics and then a talk about Cyber bullying delivered by an Indian-American teen caught my attention.
It is then I came to know about an Anti Cyberbullying app called Rethink, surprisingly built by a 14 years old Indian-American girl, Trisha Prabhu.

What is Cyberbullying?

"Cyber bullying" is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. –
Cyberbullying has already been a serious issue in most of the developed nations like United states. It is noted that even in developing nations like India, the cyberbullying is increasing rapidly due to extensive increase in internet penetration rates and use of social media.

What is Rethink words? How does it stop Cyber bullying

Rethink is an effective and working solution to stop cyberbullying from happening at the source i.e., Cyberbully.
Rethink is an Anti Cyberbullying keyboard app available for both Android and iOS.
It compares the words and phrases you type with its database of Offensive words
and warns you when you type hurtful words or phrases. This actually stops you from posting offensive messages on Social media and Social messaging apps, thus preventing Cyberbullying.

Rethink is a brainchild of Trisha Prabhu, a High school girl living in Naperville, US. Trisha was inspired to build an anti cyberbullying app, by  the tragic death of an 11-year-old girl, Rebecca Sedwick, Who has been repeatedly cyberbullied.

How to use Rethink?

  1. Download the Rethink app for Android or iPhone/iPad onto device of your kid or yourself.
  2. Now go to language settings – Settings > Language & Input > Current Keyboard (for Android) or Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add new keyboard (for iOS) and set Rethink keyboard as Default.
  3. You are done. Now when the user types anything hurtful, a popup appears saying something like “Would you like to Re-word this? Remember,  you are What you type ” and gives you a chance to reword what you have typed. Now its your choice to clear or continue with what you have typed. 
Screenshot: rethink anti cyber bullying app android
Rethink alert - Facebook Android
The good thing is that the app is smart enough to actually block the words, where the word actually mean something offensive in that context.
It can actually differentiate between “What is Hell ? ” and “What the Hell ….” Tweet This!

What makes Rethink different from other Anti Cyber bullying apps

Even though there are many other Anti Cyber bullying apps out there, Rethink is completely different from them.

Unlike most other anti cyber bullying apps that try to stop cyber bullying from the side of the victim, Rethink stops (actually, prevents) cyber bullying at the source of the Cyberbully. It actually prevents Cyber bullying from actually happening.

If you pay closer attention to what cyber bullying is, you can observe that it is actually done by an Adolescent (people under the age of 25). This is the very point on which Trisha’s idea is based on. People in adolescence hardly take few moments to think, what they say (or type). In a test of 1500 data trials, rethink was able to decrease the willingness of posting a hurtful message from 71.4% to 4.6%

Rethink makes you Re-think a few seconds about what you post or text on social media. Thus improving your decision-making skills and a good conversation.

Awards, Praise and International recognition

The base idea of rethink is unique and is patented to Trisha Prabhu. This brilliant idea made her a Global finalist of Google science fair, 2014.
Trisha prabhu at tedx teen cyber bullying
Trisha Prabhu - TedX Teen, Naperville | Source: TedX / Youtube
The app has also got international recognition to her and she was offered talks at TedX teen, Naperville and TedX gateway, Mumbai and many other. She is been also listed as one of most influential teens on many popular websites. Besides, she has also been featured in national and international media and been invited to talk on various platforms.

Final words

To say a few of my thoughts, some Emotional graphics instead of just textual warning can make Rethink even more effective. And also, a chrome extension, if launched would be much appreciated by desktop users.

Rethink is must have app for a teen and also yourself even if you don’t have intentions to bully a person. It helps you maintain a healthy conversation on social media.

So don’t forget to install Rethink on your device and also people around you. 
Rethink before you type to build a better and lovely Webosphere. Tweet This!

Please tell us what you feel about Rethink through comments below and do share it on social media.
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